>Summer Week 18: Shelling Beans and Fennel



• Giant Cauliflower or Cranberry Beans
Swiss Chard or Arugula
• Tomatoes: “Fantastic”, “Black Trifele”, or mixed Cherry Tomatoes
• Green or Lemon Cucumbers
• Italian Parsley
• Green Onions or Garlic

Mustard Greens

Flowers: Cosmos, Spider Flower, Black-Eyed Susans, Zinnias, Statice, Sunflowers

No U-Pick Herbs: It was our first year to try this, and we now know that we need a lot more plants! We are planning raised beds so that we can increase the planting space, and number of plants for next summer. Thanks for making this such a success!

U-Pick Pumpkins: Starting next week. You can choose between mini ripe pumpkins, or large green pumpkins.

2 responses to “>Summer Week 18: Shelling Beans and Fennel

  1. >Our daughter plans on making witch-o-lanterns with the green pumpkins!

  2. >hi guys!! we tried the beans by boiling/simmer them for about 40 min.,adding sauteed minced garlic with salt /pepper delish!!! we even added them to a pizza!! you cant find those fresh shelling beans at the store good stuff!

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