Spring Week 4: Sun and Snow in April

The picture of April.

Friday it snowed. Saturday it was beautiful and sunny.
The ground is drying, but it is still so chilly. 


• Rapini
• Sprouty Siberian Kale
• Sprouty Red Russian Kale
• Swiss Chard
• Leeks
• Sorrel

Pea Shoots
Japanese Turnips
Beet Greens

Tonight we are making the final preparations for the honeybees. We pick them up at 2:00 tomorrow and bring them to their new red home. I just finished cooking the sugar syrup to feed them, and I’m anxiously reading and re-reading the chapter on “opening up your package of bees.” Hopefully it will be nice and sunny tomorrow and they will adjust well to their new home beneath the ancient plum trees. I think we picked a good site: south-facing, out of prevailing wind, full sun in the morning, dappled sun in the afternoon, on a bit of a hill (as much as we have here). Out of major foot- and equipment-traffic. And, away from the hedgerow edges of the farm where we border the Chemical Brothers.

Lillibet is keeping Della company while she paints the new cow barn.

It was a beautiful, sunny weekend. The kids had fun painting the cow barn. Then Cosmo took the rest of the day off to be one with the earth. 

It's important to take your boots off to play in a dirt hole.

We’re nearly ready to get the cows moved into the new barn and get the chickens moved into the big greenhouse for some hay-scratching and cowpie-busting. I’ve got a load of broccoli and lettuce plants to get into the well-fertilized ex-chicken greenhouse. Mike picked up covers for the caterpillar tunnels today, so that will be tomorrow’s project. After the bees.

We’ll ignore that weather forecaster mention about the coldest spring in 80 years. But it does make me wonder if the last ice age crept up over several decades or centuries, or did it just appear suddenly?

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