Spring Week 5: Repeat of Week 4

Cosmo and Della take turns placing four Fava Bean seeds in a hill and covering up the hills. This is one of their favorite jobs.

• Rapini
• Sprouty Siberian Kale
• Sprouty Red Russian Kale
• Swiss Chard
• Leeks
• Sorrel

Pea Shoots
Japanese Turnips
Beet Greens

It was a busy week. Wednesday we did indeed pick up our package of honeybees. We brought them home, sprayed them with sugar water, and installed them. It was nearly a catastrophe, and if I wouldn’t worry so much about everything it would be fine. First I worried about how to take the can of syrup out of the box. Then all the bees started pouring out of the box. Then I was afraid they were going to leave. Once we got the hive put together, I worried that the 10% that hadn’t already allowed themselves to be dumped into the hive would not know where their new home was. I leaned the package box against the front door and by the time we went to bed, they were all in theirs.

3# packages of bees waiting to be picked up at Beez Neez Apiary Supply in Snohomish.

It was so exciting that I ordered another package of bees. We will pick them up on Friday. If you are interested in doing bees, I highly recommend Beez Neez Apiary Supply in Snohomish. It’s a bit of a drive for us, but they have been very helpful, and the bees are so healthy. After all, I did buy enough equipment to start two hives, so I might as well get another colony started right away. All of the beekeepers say so. By Thursday afternoon they were beginning to venture out, and Friday they were enjoying the plum tree.

2' tall and 6' wide, these tunnels are perfect for starting early greens.

The low tunnels are put together. Hopefully those dainty spring greens and radishes are growing quicker out of the rain and wind. We’ll check on them soon. The turnips and beet greens in the greenhouse are coming along, although not quite ready yet.

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