Spring Week 8: Spring At Last!

The quinces are in full bloom this week. Delicate pink blooms covering the trees.

• Rapini
• Sprouty Kale
• Green Garlic
• Pea Shoots
• Mixed Cooking Greens
• Mint

Green Garlic

Finally, the weather seems to be shifting. With the prospect of a few sunny days in a row, Mike got beds made for the onion plants, and for the asparagus. Luis planted the first group of broccoli and cabbage plants, and some green onions.

Then, it poured again. We measured almost 2″, even though the airport measured only 1-1/4″.

But Tuesday the sun began. Now it’s Wednesday. I have planted 150 of the asparagus, and Luis has got a good start on the onions. Both have been waiting for over a month to be planted. All seem to have done well though, but I’m sure they’ll be much happier in a nice warm bed.

The cover crop of rye and field peas is ready to harvest for pea shoots. Once a section has been picked through, we will fence it off with hot-wire and let the cows graze it down. That part of the farm is starving for nutrients. The summer squashes and cucumbers didn’t do well there last year. So, that spot is on the soil rebuilding plan. A winter of nitrogen-building peas and biomass-building rye, followed by a generous dose of cow manure. And we don’t have to do any work, other than setting up the fence. It should be lovely for the fall/winter crops of greens.

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