Spring Week 9: T-Shirt Weather

Crimson Clover blossoms.

• Mixed Cooking Greens
• Pea Shoots
• Green Garlic
• Arugula
• Pepper Cress
• Cilantro


The weather has been warm and springy. Warm enough to wear shorts and a tank top while planting the asparagus plants Friday. It will be a nice patch to have in another year or two. Without any idea of what to expect, we planted 500 plants. Hopefully it will be enough for the CSA.

The rapini is gone for the year. Warm weather is good for many things, but it makes the brassicas flower like crazy.

Warm, spring weather and increasing daylength does not bode well for the rapini, however. Warm, long days demand blooming from the brassica family. The turnips and kale (where we have been harvesting all the rapini) have finally reached nearly 6 feet tall and are full of sweet-smelling, golden blooms.

Nice, fluffy dirt. Plowed and disced, and nearly ready to plant.

Mike has been tractoring like crazy since the ground is drying nicely. Nothing is more encouraging than seeing a big open space of fluffy, warm earth. With a little luck, he’ll be planting a nice patch of carrots, beets, greens, and more peas.

The peas are about 4" tall now. You can see the rows of fava beans to the right.

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