Summer Week 3: So Close to Summer

The blackberries are blooming—bring on the honeyflow!

• Pea Shoots 
• Spinach
• Mini Lettuce: Forellenschlüss
• Green Onions
• Fresh Mint

Click on the links above for information and recipes about these crops.

Beet Greens
Sweet Onions

It’s nearly July, and the blackberries are finally blooming. The beekeepers say that we can probably stop feeding the bees now because there is finally enough nectar flowing that they can sustain themselves. I am going to keep some sugar syrup in my hives though, just in case. The professionals also say that it only takes two days of rain for the bees to starve out while the colony is building up. Too many babies to feed, and comb to build. If they don’t need the syrup, no harm done, but if they are hungry it will be there.

Shelling peas are on the way! Maybe next week, but definitely the week after.

At last, the pea blossoms are morphing into pods. If the planets align right for us, we could have shelling peas next week. It will definitely happen by the following week though, so we are definitely getting there. The sugar snaps are loaded with blossoms, and they are usually a week or two after the shelling peas. Luis pulled up a few potato plants to check on them, and tiny potatoes are developing. I love new potatoes. I can’t wait.

Time to weed the carrot patch. The carrots are the little ferny-looking plants, and all the rest are weeds.

Everything is growing nicely with the alternating rain and heat. Unfortunately that means weeds too. The slower growing plants like carrots have a hard time because the weeds will win the race to the top every time. Beets compete neck-and-neck though. Won’t be long for those.

Bess's babies are almost two weeks old.

Bess’s baby pigs are almost two weeks old and scampering around their yard happily. The spinach has come along well, and it’s delicious and tender. Make sure and eat the pink stem base—it’s so sweet! Spinach is one of Cosmo’s favorite vegetable, and Della is quick to remind me that the 4th of July I have to make spinach-strawberry salad.

The flower patch is nearly ready. Poppies are blooming, and soon the Rocky Mountain Garland, Larkspur, and Bachelor Buttons will be too.

The cut flower garden is growing well. Lots of weeding to do there, too. The poppies are blooming this week, and the Bachelor’s Buttons, Larkspur, Corn Cockle, and Rocky Mountain Garland are coming up behind. You’ll be able to pick a real bouquet soon.

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