Summer Week 5: Peas At Last

Sugar Snap Peas. The fatter they are, the sweeter they are!

• Pea Shoots 
• Baby Beets
• Lettuce
• Garlic
• Sugar Snap Peas

Click on the links above for information and recipes about these crops.

Sweet Onions
Fava Beans

We haven’t had a vacation. Ever. Well, Mike and I went to Las Vegas to get married, but that was eleven years ago. That was the last time we spent a night away from the farm. Several things transpired last month that nagged at me to go to visit my best friend Patty Milligan. It’s been about 14 years since I saw her last. We have both had kids since then, and have formed farming businesses. She is a beekeeper with the alter ego Lola Canola. She is also a wonderful writer and teacher.

So, since all the crops were so late, I decided to take the kids on a road trip to Bon  Accord, Alberta, about an hour north of Edmonton. We rented a car and took two days to get there, driving through Jasper, which was amazing. We had a great time catching up, watching our kids play together, and then we drove back along the Crowsnest Highway and through Eastern Washington.

Edmonton is in prairie country. They measure things in quarter-sections there, which is a mile square, or 160 acres. It’s still acres and sections even though they use the metric system. Her home is surrounded by quarter sections of Canola, wheat, barley, alfalfa. And some oil wells.

Patty's Backyard

When we got back last Saturday, we found that the peas were ready to pick! Everything had turned into a jungle of weeds. My roses were buried by Bindweed.

But, so much is nearly ready to harvest! The broccoli and cabbage we planted months ago are nearly ready, the carrots are nearly ready. The dill, cilantro, and purslane will be ready next week, and probably so will the fava beans. The summer squash and cucumbers are coming along soon. Summer food is here!

Ready to plant. Plowed and disced.

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