Summer Week 6: We Are…

Della and Mike bond while cleaning onions for Tuesday pickup.

• Sugar Snap Peas
• Sweet Onions
• Lettuce
• Swiss Chard
• Mizuna (tender, mild flavored green for salad or gentle cooking)

Click on the links above for information and recipes about these crops.

Fava Beans

It is mid-July. We are working hard at staying optimistic. The weather has been so cold, that everything has been growing very slowly. I believe that we will catch up with where we were last year. We did have summer squash and cucumbers, and tomatoes. It was late, but we had them. We had broccoli and cauliflower, and basil. But it was later than we like. We didn’t have them for as long. I can’t believe that the peas took so long, but we have them. The beans are starting to bloom, and we will have them.

We are happy that we have tons of onions this year. They are healthier than last year, so they should last longer. We have amazing potatoes growing. We will start picking them next week. This weather has been great for greens and potatoes. Usually we don’t have enough water for everything, but that isn’t a problem this year, is it?

We are working hard. This week we are getting a lot of crops planted in the ground and out of the greenhouse. All of the basil, the parsley, a huge crop of broccoli and cauliflower. I am nearly finished seeding fall crops in the greenhouse, and that is ahead of where I usually am.

We are grateful that the farmworker fairy brought us Teodoro. He is young and energetic, and happy to work here. He does a great job at everything so far and is a quick learner and intuitive. More than I had hoped for.

Mike has been talking about a big snake he saw in the greenhouse. I haven’t seen the snake, and I spend a lot of time in there. But, the other morning I found this snake skin. It’s 24 inches long. I guess it is a big one. Did you know that Garter Snakes don’t lay eggs, they give birth to live young? A smaller snake like this one might only have a litter of 5, but a 52-inch snake might have 80 young! My dad saw one give birth as a kid. I have a feeling it was a big snake because he said there were hundreds. If you translate that to grownup reality, it was probably 70 or 80.

The greenhouse snake is growing.

2 responses to “Summer Week 6: We Are…

  1. Rushed home with my Tuesday farm bounty last night and tried this dish that used up the swiss chard & two of my onions. YUM! I think it could be yummy as a cold salad, too – and maybe next time I’ll add a big pile of parmessan on top. I recomment it!

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