Fall Week 8—The Rainy Season Finally Arrives

• “Gold Nugget” Squash
• Carrots
• Sweet Japanese Turnips
• Beets or Baby Bok Choy
• Fennel or “Tendersweet” Cabbage
• Kale. Mustard Greens or Chard, or Lettuce
• Zucchini
• “Sugar Chile” Peppers (Sweet with hot ribs)
• “Lipstick” Sweet Peppers
• Green Onions

LARGE SHARES: (also available in the Trading Box)
• Brussels Sprouts Tops
• Eggplant

• Eggplant
• Hot Peppers
• Greens

Click on the links above for information and recipes about these crops.

COMING SOON: Kohlrabi, Pie Pumpkins, Leeks, Cauliflower

Just a quick blog post this week. Remember that next week wraps-up our Fall Season, so let us know if you want to continue with the Winter  Season for the 9 weeks of November and December.

If you haven’t made it out yet for a pumpkin or two, do it this week! We still have lots, so come and load up! Scare away those evil spirits with lots of Jack-o-Lanterns!


8 responses to “Fall Week 8—The Rainy Season Finally Arrives

  1. Thanks for a great source of healthy produce from your warm caring family. The Siemens will not be subscribing for Winter Season, but certainly for the following season.

    We will pray for your family, your harvests and for many blessings as you feed so many lucky households. ♥️

    Pat and Joe Siemens


  2. Shelly!

    How does the u-Pick pumpkin patch work? We would like to come by this Saturday with our cousins and their two girls so they can pick out a pumpkin each and carve at our house… I understand that there’s a limit based on our share?

    Nicole Hale Sent from my iPad


  3. Tonight’s dinner – an awesome bok choy stir-fry with carrots, sugar chile peppers, green onions, and shiitake mushrooms. Served over brown rice and topped with sesame seeds.

    Speaking of the sugar chiles, our family hadn’t been keeping up with them. We had five chiles after we picked up this week’s box. We saved one for the stir-fry, but decided to roast and freeze the rest. I removed the stem and seeds, lightly coated the chiles in oil and roasted at 400F until they were fragrant and starting to soften and color. Let the chiles cool, then chop.

    I pack the chiles by the tablespoonful into ice cube trays, freeze overnight and then unmold and pack into freezer bags. They’ll be amazing in tacos, soycutash, soup, stews, or chili later this winter.

  4. Hi Shelley Maryann Lee will pickup our Sandy Smith/Mary Lonien small share on 11/9. 😄

    Sandy …here’s my mini-haiku for you!

    rain falling as dawn brightens life Autumn’s here

    Happy Gratitude Days 🙂


  5. That’s will be!


    Happy Gratitude Days 🙂


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