CSA Week 22, 2021

CSA Menu:
“Red Gold” or “Yukon Gem” Potatoes
Celery or the last of the Zucchini
Napa Cabbage or Kale or Basil
Assorted Melons
“Ostergruss Rossa” Radishes (not in Mini Shares)
Shelling Beans or Green Beans (not in Mini Shares)
Carrots, Sweet Pepper, and Tomato (Large Shares Only)

Fall has finally arrived. Not just astronomically, for the Autumnal Equinox was last Wednesday, but also in our weather changes. It’s in the changing angle of light, the cooler temperatures, and the soaking rains that finally bring the end to irrigation routines. Planting is finished for the year, and all of the leafy crops are happy and thriving. It’s a huge relief after this ultra-dry summer.

These Ostergruss radishes are perfect for fall. Slightly spicy and sweet, and you can eat the greens too.

I do have a few updates:

First, a reminder that Seattle CSA deliveries switch to Wednesday mornings starting this week. I have classes on Tuesdays now, so I’ve changed my routine around. Same drop sites, and the same delivery times, but on Wednesdays starting the 29th. Second: The CSA-only Pumpkin Patch opens this Saturday! Bring your family down on Saturday or Sunday, 10-3, or on Tuesday after 2:00. I’ve counted them and I believe there are enough pumpkins for each family to take a total of 4. Big, small, or some of each. So follow the vultures to the patch and hang out with the Scarecrew!

The vultures will lead you to the CSA-only Pumpkin Patch! Limit four pumpkins per family, large or small.

And an announcement/reminder:

2021 CSA enrollment is live, and current CSA members can save 10% by enrolling before October 15. I’ve broken the season into three sections for 2022, and enrollment for Spring is limited to 75 shares. Winter is limited to 100 shares. I’m actually increasing the Main Season (Summer) to 200 this year, so if you aren’t able to pay for the full year yet, but value the early and late seasons, make sure to grab those shares while they’re still available!

There is no paper enrollment form this year, as I’ve moved all of that paperwork to my new Barn2Door site, which will simplify my record keeping and email groups for next year. Click on this link to go to the “store”. You don’t need to pay with a credit card, you can mail a check or pay cash in person as well, but you do need to enroll online.

Karen sent me this photo of vintage CSA newsletters from the year 2000! Back in the days before websites and internets. How long have you been a CSA member?

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