CSA Week 24, 2021

CSA Menu:
“Chieftain” Potatoes
Celery or Spinach
“Honey Bear” Squash
Salad Turnips (not in Mini Shares)
Arugula or Fresh Thyme (not in Mini Shares)
Baby Lettuces
Yellow Onions (not in Mini Shares)
Swiss Chard, Garlic, and Tomato (Large Shares Only)

A quick blog this week, just to say “Welcome!” to squash and greens season, and a few reminders!

Emily and I are bringing in the squashes before freezing weather starts. They need to be washed and cured so that they don’t start molding in storage. They need to last for two more months, and curing helps them to develop sweetness and flavor.

Pumpkin Patch and U-Cut Flowers:

The CSA-only Pumpkin Patch has been popular! To be clear, this is a simple pumpkin patch; we are putting on no airs here. Just fresh air, birds, and worms, and pumpkins laying next to the vines that grew them. Now it’s muddy, it’s dirty, and it’s real! CSA members can come down Saturdays 10-5 or Tuesdays 2-dusk. Limit of four pumpkins of any size per family. Mostly there are little ones remaining, in orange or white, but there are a few big ones too.

The cut-flower garden is still pumping out blooms! The Zinnias and Verbena are exploding, and there is also some Love-Lies Bleeding and Bachelors Buttons, Cosmos and Marigolds. Come and get them while they last! Once we get a hard frost they’ll be gone until next June.

Our simple, quiet pumpkin patch! No crowds, just birds, pumpkins, and worms.

And an announcement/reminder:

2021 CSA enrollment is live, and current CSA members can save 10% by enrolling before October 17. I’ve broken the season into three sections for 2022, and enrollment for Spring is limited to 75 shares. Winter is limited to 100 shares. I’m actually increasing the Main Season (Summer) to 200 this year, so if you aren’t able to pay for the full year yet, but value the early and late seasons, make sure to grab those shares while they’re still available! As of tonight, there are just 15 Spring Shares left for 2021! Monday October 18, I’ll open up enrollment to the public, and the early payment discount will expire.

There is no paper enrollment form this year, as I’ve moved all of that paperwork to my new Barn2Door site, which will simplify my record keeping and email groups for next year. Click on this link to go to the “store”. You don’t need to pay with a credit card, you can mail a check or pay cash in person as well, but you do need to enroll online for my sanity. 🙂

I’m so excited that the broccoli is sizing up! Cauliflowers are coming too, but this broccoli variety should be ready to harvest in about two weeks!

OH! One more thing… the Trading Box!:

If you pick up at the farm, you should have noticed the new Trading Box. This is something we offered years ago, and it fell by the wayside. But when Sonja suggested we do it again, Emily and I were on board. Here’s how it works: We put a random assortment of produce in the box, in addition to the CSA offerings. If you don’t want (or can’t eat) one of the items offered, you take it and put it in the trading box, and exchange it for something else. It’s that easy. The important part is the TRADING. It’s not a box of extra things, you have to trade. We hope you take advantage of it!

If you pick up your CSA at the farm, you can take advantage of our new Trading Box. Exchange items you don’t like or can’t eat for something you want!

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