CSA Week 29, 2021

CSA Menu:
“Strawberry Paw” Potatoes
Broccoli (not in Mini Shares)
“Honey Bear” Squash (not in Mini Shares)
Salad Turnips or Celery (not in Mini Shares)
Lacinato Kale
Arugula, Rosemary, and Carrots (Large Shares only)

The first freezing nights and so much rain! We had easily 7″ here, and we definitely didn’t get the worse of the big storm. Luckily the farm property is in the high spot in the middle of the valley. The ground is very saturated, but it doesn’t flood. I’m very thankful for that, as I have several farmer friends up north who were not so lucky.

Special Pickup Options for Next Week:

Given that Thanksgiving is next week, I realize that some people will be out of town for this regularly-scheduled harvest. If you are not going to be home next Tuesday or Wednesday (Seattle folks), you have the option of picking up your share this Saturday, the 20th at the farm. Pickup time is between 10am and 5pm. Please let me know by Friday if you want to pick up Saturday at the farm instead of your usual Tuesday or Wednesday! Emily and I will need a little extra time to harvest and make sure there’s enough set out for everyone.

The first seed catalog is here! Time to plan… I’m ordering everything extra early to make sure I get what is needed on time.

And an announcement/reminder:

2022 CSA enrollment is live, and now is the time to sign up! After last year’s supply chain issues (remember the fertilizer shortage and late seed deliveries?) I’m ordering everything early. Like now. I picked up all of the seedling mix and flats that we’ll be needing to start seeds in February and through summer. I’ll be ordering all of my fertilizer from Oregon and picking it up before the end of the year. Seed potatoes will be available to order in another week, and the seed catalogs are arriving daily. I want to order everything by the end of November… supplies too. So please enroll early. Your funds will ensure that Emily and I get paid, and that we can get supplies, AND get all of our equipment up and running in time for that first groundbreaking in March/April. I’ve been told by suppliers that they don’t know when they’ll get anything any more. (I’m already on the waiting list for a pallet of waxed boxes… whenever they show up at the distributor!)

There is no paper enrollment form this year, as I’ve moved all of that paperwork to my new Barn2Door site, which will simplify my record keeping and email groups for next year. Click on this link to go to the “store”. You don’t need to pay with a credit card, you can mail a check or pay cash in person as well, but you do need to enroll online for my sanity. 🙂

Perfect heads of Romanesco cauliflower. Emily and I picked it earlier in the week since freezing nights were forecast.

Ground Beef:

I noticed that my freezer is still hoarding some ground beef from the cows we harvested in the early spring, and it needs to find homes! My cows were grass-fed, so the the burger is full-flavored and not extra-lean. I’m offering ten 1# packages for $65… you can pick up at the farm Tuesdays or Saturdays with your CSA, but if you want me to deliver to Seattle you’ll need to arrange a cooler at your drop site. Here’s the Barn2Door link: https://app.barn2door.com/e/9K807/all/lKMVE

2 responses to “CSA Week 29, 2021

  1. Hi Shelley! I hope you’re well. Just tried to login and sign up for a 2022 share, but it says it’s not available. Are you already sold out? If so, congratulations! If not, we’d love to be part of the WTF team next year.

    Cheers, Heather

    PS Lease pet Luigi for me

    ******************************* Heather Nelson


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